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Finished Products

Lime (and dolomitic lime) is a very old product that today is manufactured with the advances of a more and more elaborated technique. Lime is characterized by its polyvalence, i.e. the possibility to be used in very diverse applications. From the commercial point of view, this polyvalence means avoiding the tyranny of commercialization in only one or two economy sectors.

Caleras of San Cucao manufactures and sells the following lime based products:

  • Metallurgic lime: Lime is used in steelmaking to dephosporize and desulphurize the steel. These functions are so important that no steel type can be manufactured whitout lime.

    Cal siderúrgica

  • Agricultural lime: Lime is used in agriculture to correct the pH of grounds and to contribute with trace elements. Dolomite lime is also used for these purposes.

    Aplicación de la cal agrícola

  • Micronized Lime: the micronized lime has applications in other non ferrous metallurgyes and in all the processes of treatment of liquid and solid, industrial and urban, where wastes it is necessary to correct the pH. Likewise it is used in construction to elaborate mortars.

    Aplicación de la cal micronizada

  • Lime dolomite: the dolomite lime has a fundamental application in iron and steel industry and in the production of refractories.

    Cal dolomítica

  • Slaked lime of Calcium Hydroxide: the hydroxide of lime is used fundamentally in all those processes in which it is necessary a correction of the pH. It is also used in construction to elaborate mortars and other plaster materials.

    Aplicación de la cal apagada

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