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Caleras de San Cucao, S.A. History

Caleras de San Cucao, S.A. began its industrial activity under the name of Caleras Asturianas, a company created by an individual businessman, Etelvino Vázquez Hermida, in 1941. The main activity of the company was calcining limestone proceeding from a quarry of his property, put by him in exploitation, destined to the manufacture of calcium carbide in Castro Rial de Cee factory (La Coruña), due to the nonexistence of good calcinable limestone in Galicia. Nevertheless, Caleras Asturianas's development was going parallel to the creation of the National Metallurgical Corporation (Ensidesa) in the 50'ies: Caleras Asturianas was the first supplier of limestone to the Avilés factory.

Caleras de San Cucao, S.A.

In 1969, the first modernization of the facilities was initiated with the design, construction and start of the first vertical automatic kiln with charging and extraction of the product by means of dosifying plates. In view of the obtained results, three more kilns were constructed, forming up the production infrastructure of the factory.

On the other hand, the reform process was extended to the transformation section, acquiring the first automatic hydrator, eliminating in that way the manual operations of hydration and slaking.

The raw material was and it is still extracted from our own quarry close to the plant, has increased through the acquisition of neighbouring.

Parallel to lime's manufacture, and following many experimental tests, it was decided to extend the range of products initiating the calcification of dolomite, and the exploitation of a part of this grant has projected. Previously, exhaustive studies of the mineral were carried out, both in nature and in power and quantitative analysis, with frankly satisfactory results.

This line of dolomite calcination has contributed along the time to the development of the productive capacity, due to the growing importance that the calcinated dolomite has acquired in steel making, in the industry of the refractories and in the agriculture.

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Nowadays, after a continuous transformation in the kilns in order to increase the production, Caleras de San Cucao is about to undertake the construction of a new calcination kiln which will contribute to modernize the facilities, adapting them to the most stringent environmental laws and the current production and quality needs.

From the managerial point of view, Caleras of San Cucao, S.A. is a family company, in its second generation of businessmen. We are actually immersed in an ambitious project of renovation of all its facilities and production environment, in order to settle the bases that can give a continuity to its activity, always enclosed inside a managerial culture that has helped to reach the trust of a very diversified national and international clientele.

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